My name is Sarah.

I never know what to write in these sections.

I've been married to the same man for over a decade, and we have two beautiful children.

I am a christian, which influences every aspect of my life. This is not a blog about my faith, but I'm not going to censor it out completely, either. There will likely be mentions from time to time.

I taught myself how to sew, and knit, and embroider. My husband taught me how to cook. I did art at school for a couple of years, but didn't learn much; when I paint, I make it up as I go. I cannot play any musical instruments.

My hands shake.

I'm tall, and can't find any pants that don't show my undies (or butt) when I sit down, so I only wear skirts/dresses.

I play video games, listen to heavy metal music, and like sci-fi/fantasy books and movies and tv shows.

I can see a lake from my house, and it is beautiful.

I've been battling depression for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't.